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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Challenge

The most common comment I get on returning to Australia after 2.5 years living and travelling in the UK & Europe is ‘How’s the travel depression?’ It is a serious question and problem, and while I won’t say my condition is as serious as depression, I do get a serious case of itchy feet quite often (don’t worry I have checked for tinier and all clear for that one). Therefore I have set myself a challenge of keeping the travel dream alive while back in Australia, for however long that may be.

We live in one of the best countries in the world and there is so much to explore at our own doorstep, so why not check it out now rather than waiting until I retire and buy myself a caravan (if I could afford one I would already be on the road joining the grey nomads, they seriously have the life!). Plus I can’t really take off again until I have had a large injection into my saving fund and I feel this challenge will be a good way to keep the travel depression symptoms as bay. For a little while anyway.

These shoes were made for walking......
So I have based myself in Melbourne and have decided the only thing to do is make the most of being back in Aus by trying to continue living the same lifestyle I lived while overseas. Part of that will be to explore the city as much as possible, like I would any other city in the world, and attend as many events and gigs as possible. Melbourne is perfect for this!

One of my goals living in the UK was a trip to Europe once a month (which I almost managed!), therefore my goal this year is a trip somewhere in Australia once a month. To be honest it will mostly be somewhere in Victoria, still trying to save money for the next big overseas trip, but as long as I get out of Melbourne it counts!

So there is the challenge and as I am new to the blogging world please be kind. I’m not the best with words and will try let my photos tell the story, but I hope you enjoy and I am able to keep the travel depression at bay! Any suggestions of places to visit and check out please let me know, I'm also always looking for travel buddies, so come and join me on an adventure!

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