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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Catchup Feb-July

So I have been asked a couple of times in the last few months by some loyal fans (mum's can be considered fans right!?) when my next blog post was coming. Unfortunately my reply was that the current post I was working on was a little too depressing and hopefully I would have something soon...... So keep your excitement at bay, because I have a new blog ready for you (I can just hear the excitement from you all!!). But firstly I thought I had better fill you all in as to what's been happening since my one and only post back in February..... as its now the end of July........ The first thing I will admit to you all is that yes the travel depression got to me! Don't get me wrong I am enjoying Melbourne, actually I'm loving it (when I get a chance to!) and I have been doing things, although none that really count as 'travel', but I have finally realised there was something getting in my way.......     This included: 1. Settling back into full time work - Let me tell you after not working for nearly 9 months and spending a lot of that time laying on beaches and wandering through old town city streets, it was a bit of a struggle adjusting back into a routine again. For about the first month I really did wonder how I had ever done it before! 2. Finding my way around - So this has been an enjoyable challenge, but it does take time and has maybe contributed to me feeling a little lost at times. Finding where to go to get a good coffee, or a cold beer have been fun. But there is also the mundane stuff, like finding where the best supermarket is or where to get your hair cut. 3. Finding people who want to explore as well - This is probably my biggest challenge. While I was away I was surrounded by people who wanted to get out and explore just as much as I did and so there was generally no shortage of mates to tag along on some kind of adventure. Back at home everyone (including myself) has some kind of commitment that restrict the same spontaneity. Plus I have been reminded that its tough starting again in a new city. You've got to learn everything over again. I had forgotten this, but the exact same thing has happened every time I have moved to a new city. It's easy to just remember the easy, good times, but when I look back at when I first arrived in Adelaide or London it was exactly the same. I loved where I was, but I also found it hard. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to remember that. So with a new renewed attitude I think I'm again on the right track to live up to the expectation of my blog. IMG_8289
I even went a bit crazy at the Melbourne visitor centre looking for inspiration!

Stay tuned for my next blog on my weekend away with a mate in the Yarra Valley!

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